Does EMF Bed Canopies Really Help?

Did you realize that the average person in the USA is exposed to EMFs for over 10 hours a day? This really shocked me, but if you look at it, it really does make sense because we’re exposed to our smartphones, computers, laptops, wi-fi internet routers, microwaves, and the list goes on because these devices are putting out invisible electromagnetic fields that definitely interact with our own body’s electrical fields, both in our brain, in our heart and even into the deeper cell tissue membranes. But some people will assure us that, emfs are not harmful and there’s no link between EMFs and anything negative about your health.

I don’t know if I agree with the above, because there’s numerous reports in recent years that says otherwise. Science experts that evaluated over 2,000 studies, found that this low-level radiation can play a significant role, not just in alzheimer’s but a lot of other different conditions, as well. EMF’s can affect your blood pressure, it can affect your pulse rate, it can cause you to have insomnia, it can make you tired, it can affect your cognitive function and your focus memory concentration. It can actually cause muscle aches and mood changes, not to mention even increase your risk for getting a stroke or a heart attack as well as cause dna damage.

emf bed canopy
EMF Shielding Bed Canopy

Other than that it’s perfectly healthy according to some EMF skeptics. EMF waves affect the communication channels in your cells because they’re associated with the calcium in the human body. Most people know that calcium is involved with bone structure and repair, but they don’t realize that calcium is one of the main minerals involved with the communications through the membranes of every single cell, and these emf energy waves directly affects the communication channels across all your cellular membranes.

It seems that presently, we are all involved in a huge experiment, on the human population with the effects of EMFs. And I would highly recommend doing three things; number one you have to start limiting exposure to EMF and among the many ways to do that is to get a emf tester.

To test emf output of an appliance, just turn it on and you can easily measure three output readings individually, the electrical fields and then separately the magnetic fields. I explained what that meant in my other post, but if you have one of these testers you can measure the area where you sleep.

A fascinating experiment is to measure the output of your microwave, if you have one, and you’re gonna be quite shocked at how far these microwaves can transmit emf’s through your kitchen. And it’s quite scary actually, and the next time you use your microwave you’re gonna definitely stand outside of the room, when you use it. The second thing is to keep your cell phone and other devices away from your head, use your speaker phone or external headphones or earphones, which you can use to limit the amount of radiation that goes right up into your brain.

And finally number three, you may want to sleep under a emf bed canopy for a more restorative sleep and maybe increase your antioxidant levels. Why? Because there’s a lot of oxidation and a lot of free radical damage associated with and probably occurring when you’re exposed to these emfs, so you want to eat healthier foods and naturally increase your antioxidant levels, which can help to counter a lot of the emf effects that occur within your daily environmental exposure to emf.