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EMF is a very concerning and expansive topic, and hopefully this guide will enhance your awareness level of it. If you’ve never heard of EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) then that’s okay. Many people do not know or even understand what electro-magnetic frequencies are, or that EMF frequencies can be harmful to their overall health. This may also be a good time to ask yourself, how well do you understand how EMF protecting products can help, to protect you and your overall wellness? This short read should also help you to demystify the topic.

On a basic level, EMF’s are waves of invisible energy that can damage our DNA. Some people are more sensitive to these waves or energy, more so than other people. The main EMF generators in the average home is; the refrigerator, your smartphone, Wi-Fi router, microwave, Bluetooth, computer and screen, and pretty much anything thing or wire that has electricity flowing through it. These energy waves give off certain fields of energy that can affect your body in many uncertain and adverse ways.

An RF sensor is a sensing device that can pick up these electromagnetic fields. If you place one of these sensors close to a cell phone, you would see that it goes off pretty intensely. So obviously it would be clear that, the closer that phone is to your head, you could be potentially creating problems for yourself. But the real problem is that when you do research on this topic, you’re gonna come across lots of data that says EMF’s are safe. But again, if you look back some years ago, many so called industry experts said that asbestos was safe, for the 99 years when it was widely in use, in the industrial world. Let go back in time, a little more and we’ll also find that many industry proponents claimed that trans fat’s was safe for almost 60 years and that smoking was completely safe for about 59 years. But the real science and information was out there at the same time, which was contrary to what the so-called industry experts were claiming to be safe.

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Radio Frequencies (RF) are a kind of non-ionizing emission that exist within the larger spectrum of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF). These frequencies are caused by the circulation of wireless electronic devices in use, through the air from one area to another. While RF technologies are very convienent to use in our day to day lives, they are also extremely harmful, according to many recent studies by independent science researchers.

Wireless devices like smart devices, cell towers, 5G satellites, Wi-Fi routers and other types of technology, release radio frequency propagation (RF), a kind of electro-magnetic energy. The human body is prone to high absorption of RF radiation. But children are more vulnerable to RF absorption issues, because they have less bone density structure, thinner skin and higher tissue conductivity. According to a EWG research study, their undeveloped bodies take in more RF radiation, compared to grownups.

The research also revealed that direct exposure to radio frequency radiation has been related to changes in nerve system electrical activity and biochemical activity. Cognitive and behavioral changes were likewise found. The following changes have also been observed from exposure to radio frequency transmission, such as changes in sleep, learning ability, overall short term memory, headaches, and brain tumors.

Continuous research studies are definitely needed, but radio frequency emission is increasingly viewed as something that can create moderate to extreme physical health problems. Ordinarily industry funded research studies usually conclude that the RF form of EMF emissions are not hazardous. However the funding of these studies, has a beneficial interest in having good results. So can these studies be relied on, if they want the information to look good?

The very best way to determine if RF propagation is damaging, is to look for research by independent 3rd parties. There are thousands of such studies that show there are serious health and well being concerns with the kind of emission coming from cell, Wi-Fi, and comparable wireless technology.

emf protection bed canopy

Faraday Bed Canopy

Silver EMF shielding fabric is considered by experts to be the best emf protection fabric.

Faraday Bed Canopy

EMF awareness has improved enormously over the last few years. Nevertheless, the majority of people are still oblivious to the amount of EMF radiation they are subjected to day by day at work, in the home, and even when they’re sleeping. There’s also the people whose nature of employment, makes them more vulnerable and open to those detrimental results because they work in close proximity to radiation sources. If you work close to cell masts, high-voltage power lines, medical scanners, or some commercial machinery, then you’re at a much higher risk of developing various illness, if you do not take the needed cautions to protect yourself, and using EMF shielding products, which is a good place to start. Electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) is a term that is used to describe a combination of magnetic and electrical energy. Radio frequency (RF) energy similar to the type, that is emitted by cell phones also falls under this category.

Electro-magnetic signals generally travel in the form of invisible waves which have numerous frequencies and wavelengths attached to each of them. Depending upon this criteria, these can be broadly categorized into two primary groups; Ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing energy is dangerous and very deadly to all biological life types. Its impacts can be seen practically immediately upon subjection. It can bring with it death when human beings are subjected to it for too long and at very high dosages. Gamma rays and X-rays are the most popular illustrations of ionizing radiation.

These kinds of electro-magnetic waves carry enough energy to dislodge electrons from atoms, which is what is referred to as ionizing. When the atoms in any plant, animal or human ionize, many things can happen; the cell might die or it may repair itself from the damage that was sustained, or alter itself improperly, at which point it can become malignant. All cells aren’t affected by ionizing energy in the same way. The cells that are most prone to the effects of ionization are those that replicate the most. Good examples of this would be the cells in an unborn child, still in the womb.

Unlike ionizing radiation, non-ionizing waves don’t have sufficient energy to cause ionization. Consequently, you want to protect yourself because both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation exposure has been connected to a myriad of physiological and neurological illness, as well as diseases like many forms of cancer. EMF protection refers to the many types of things, a person can adopt to decrease exposure to the energy produced by electromagnetic fields. EMF protection makes use of various EMF protection products that are created specifically to reduce the effects of ambient electromagnetic energy.

Most people are continuously being bombarded by nearby wireless networks coming at them from every direction. Which could even be in their favorite neighborhood cafe or store. But if they live or work near a cell tower, or high voltage power lines, then they’re at an even greater risk of direct exposure. The problem with most electronic gadgets is that the human body is not naturally resistant to EMF’s, which makes it easy for them to permeate human tissue and wreak chaos. With EMF shielding, however, your exposure to these unwanted waves is reduced considerably. The first-ever generally accepted EMF protective shield, was developed around the year 1836. Since then, the very same concepts have been widely used to create products that block EMF exposure.

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Many people do understand the risks of wireless EMF frequency radiation however electromagnetic field direct exposures tend to get forgotten. This may make you believe that magnetic fields are some how less pertinent, less hazardous, or “less bad” than other kinds of EMF exposures. Since they’re in every home, these magnetic fields are very relevant. They’re called “power-frequency magnetic fields” due to the fact that they’re created by the electricity, that travels through your homes electrical wiring.

Any electrical home appliance produces an electromagnetic field and if its got an electrical motor (e.g. refrigerator, air-conditioner, etc.) chances are it generates a significant electromagnetic field. Make no mistake, magnetic fields are right up there at the top of the list in regards to capacity for damage. There’s a huge portion of science literature indicating the risks associated with magnetic fields.

Most of the EMF safety requirements around the globe are based upon the ICNIRP and/or the IEEE suggested safe limits, however the most strictest standards are from the ICNIRP guidelines. Which suggest a maximum direct exposure limitation of 2000 milligauss (mG) for the general public. The issue here is that these guidelines are too lenient. The BioInitiative Report advised a ceiling limit of just 1 mG for habitable space. Now here’s the caveat, according to more recent research studies, carried out by a group of scientists in Canada suggest that negative biological reactions occur at levels well below 1mG.

This analysis also points out that, as soon as exposure to electromagnetic fields occur, the cells in our body end up being highly delicate. And afterwards direct exposures of 0.1 mG create bio effects in our bodies. Direct exposures over different intensities developed the exact same bio-effects. That’s to say, that a one mG direct exposure had about the very same result as a 5 mG direct exposure. The first thing to realize is the big gap in what ICNIRP is saying and what these more recent scientific Canadian studies are saying. This is not common knowledge because when this research came out two years prior, there wasn’t a single medical journal that would accept the findings of those studies.

Independent third party science research, is very crucial. Lots of experts in this area believe that honest research might have determined a better method to manage the growth of cancer, diabetes and other metabolic illness. The importance of this research to electrical sensitivity is also clear. The research has also found that magnetic fields cause changes in water, which in turn impact how enzymes, which are proteins, travel within our cells. These electromagnetic fields are able to modify the ease at which, ionized hydrogen can leap from one molecule to the other, and this jump depends on a phenomenon, called tunneling.

This effect begins at such low levels that practically everyone is now exposed enough in their daily life to suffer the results of magnetic fields on cancer cells, if they are present in the body. That is what the research study states in a nutshell. But distance from EMF’s can be your friend, because it’s not a linear relationship. Electromagnetic fields drop off on a logarithmic scale. If you are two feet from the source of power, you would anticipate it to be a certain quantity and if you’re 20 feet away, it’s going to be around a 100 times decrease of exposure.

The most essential location for EMF protection, is typically where you rest or sleep. Often times, a dramatic magnetic field reduction can be achieved simply by moving things in your home, for example; moving your bed or moving your sofa or using protective EMF bed shielding, when you sleep. The most crucial place to mitigate electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) is where you’re sleeping. Because that is the place where you restore, and when you are restoring, your body is producing more melatonin, as your hormones are stabilizing.

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The countless profound associated risks of 5g technology is terrible information for most living animals and the planet. There are many studies that associate low-level RFR exposure with a list of health impacts, including DNA double-strand and single breaks, which can cause cancer and oxidative damage, which results in tissue degeneration and earlier aging in some persons. In excess of ninety percent of microwave radiation is absorbed by the epidermis and dermis layers, which means that the human skin functions as a sponge for microwave radiation.

The sweat ducts in the skin’s upper layer imitate helical antennas, which are specialized antennas built specifically to respond to electromagnetic fields. With countless sweat ducts, and 5G’s increased RFR, it stands to reason that our physical bodies will end up being much more conductive to this radiation. The complete implications of this reality are currently unclear, specifically for the more susceptible members of the public, which includes children, pregnant women and our older population.

Likewise, it’s crucial to understand that in 2012, a research study on Cancer classified RFR as a prospective 2B carcinogen and stated that, using mobile phones could result in certain kinds of brain growths. The current broadband and cellular network platforms, 4G (or 4th generation), allows us to transmit data much faster than 3G and everything that preceded that. We can also access info faster than ever before in history, which brings us to 5G.

A number of sources of radiation, such as x-rays and gamma rays, can damage DNA and trigger cancer cells. But according to the American Cancer Society, “radiation waves do not have enough energy to damage DNA directly,” so it is not known how they would be able to cause cancer. There is concern that a number of forms on non-ionizing radiation, such as RF radiation, might have other impacts on cells that could lead to cancer.

It is also very important to keep in mind that if a body absorbs substantial amounts of RF radiation, there can be burns and tissue damage from excessive heat. Radio Frequencies (RF) are even found on the low-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Most folks are exposed to the moderate levels of RF radiation everyday. These frequencies that surround us consist of radio broadcasts, wifi, and the mobile phone towers.

People such as those who maintain cell antenna towers, as part of their jobs, are exposed to a greater quantity of this RF radiation, and the same goes for people who use radar equipment, which are likewise at a greater danger for exposure.

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To protect yourself from the risks of EMF, you need to first understand its nature, and the source in your home or work environment. Then you are better able to then proceed to evaluate the risk by utilizing an appropriate measuring device and then take the needed preventative measures. Despite the fact that 5G networks are increasingly seen as a harmful technology due to radiation risks, you would be surprised to discover that some wired networks, can sometimes have more power in them. than the wireless networks.

Since we live in a world where everything is powered by technology and electrical gadgets, it is tough to get rid of all that technology. But, it is very important to be conscious of how to utilize these technologies correctly and without harming your health.

WIFI represents wireless fidelity, and it refers to the radio waves delivered from your WIFI router to a nearby gadget, enabling you to connect to the web and surf without being restricted by an ethernet cable. Wi-fi operates by producing extremely effective localized EMF at 2.4 GHz and/or 5GHz wavelengths. To put these in perspective, a microwave transmits a frequency of 2.450 GHz to heat our meal.

Your body can absorb radio waves released by WiFi, if you are close to it, or if the intensity of the WIFI is very strong. The problem is that there have not been enough research studies done on the longer lasting results of being exposed to the EMF radiated by these Wi-fi routers. Lots of people have established preventive protocols and have seen considerable enhancements in their health after deciding to get rid of or turn off prospective high EMF releasing items in their homes, including their WIFI routers.

Independent science studies based on the short term effects of Wi-fi says that, it’s a danger to animal and human health. WIFI has been linked to stress, testicular issues, neurological disorders, EEG irregularities, specific cell damage, endocrine changes, and calcium excess, according to that research.

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Due to its frequencies, sleeping near a turned-on wi-fi router has been linked to numerous health effects. Sleep deprivation and sleeping disorders are both possible side effects. Lots of people experience headaches as one of their main symptoms. Intense headaches, pain, and dizzy-ness can certainly be brought on by high signal frequencies. WIFI signals impact brain activity, which has been associated with anxiety and nervous sensations as well as other psychological health concerns. Wi-fi signals have also been linked to minimized melatonin release and increased exhaustion in the evening. Because of the radiation’s capability to trigger lightheadedness and brain fog, performing day-to-day tasks may end up being a little tougher.

Various testing instruments have made it easier to identify Wi-fi EMF direct exposure. Even though getting rid of all sources of EMF radiation from your home is challenging, there are things you can do to minimize your health risks. Whenever turning off your router is not an option, there are some things you can certainly do around your home to decrease Wi-Fi radiation impacts. Like limiting the time that you utilize the web. Then limit the amount of time that you use it. And remember that using a Ethernet cable reduces EMF and works just as well as Wi-Fi or better. Something else to consider is that Bluetooth also uses the exact same frequencies as WiFi.

Research tells us that continuous EMF safety studies are needed, but its now known that frequency propagation is seen as something that can potentially cause mild to severe health impacts on our bodies. You owe it to yourself to find out more about the longer term effects and draw your own conclusions on the impact of these EMF and RF emissions.

At the Essential Wellness Store, we’re very passionate about helping people improve the quality of their physical wellness, through better use of emf bed canopies and emf blocker for home products, while offering suggestions on choosing the best emf protection products that works for them and their lifestyle.